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NIE Number  

Before you buy a property in Spain you will need an NIE number ( tax identification number) This normally involves meeting with the police and visiting a police station with your passport and other documents. The process can take weeks and may involve more than one trip to Spain to obtain this. PPF-Spain have expert bilingual help on the ground that can short cut the process hugely and this saves you time, money and ensures that you have your NIE number before you travel allowing you to make a purchase if you see something you want to buy right away.

Your NIE lasts forever and we recommend you have one before you make a wasted viewing trip.


In order to register to vote in local or European elections, you must first be registered on the Padron. You will need your Padron certificate to carry out various administrative tasks such as register for healthcare, register your car with Spanish plates or enrol your children in School.

Your Padron will last for 5 years before you need to renew it. PPF-Spain have local and regional staff that can help you with all the necessary paperwork and translation to be able to obtain your Padron quickly and without stress and will accompany you to the Padron office in order to remove the doubt and concern you may have with dealing with authorities.